Jay Duret is a San Francisco based writer and illustrator. Many of the stories and illustrations on this website originally appeared in online and print journals.

NineDigit_coverNine Digits is Here! Jay’s first novel, Nine Digits, tells the story of Nee-Nee Marcus’ quest to win $100 million on a reality TV program. According to Tim Grose, Nine Digits is “the best book since The Phantom Tollbooth”. See the book trailer. Visit the Nine Digits website. Buy a copy!

Explorers March 24, 2015 From East Coker by T.S Eliot

From East Coker by T.S Eliot

Imagined Conversations: Follow Jay’s new project Imagined Conversations: dialogue, eavesdroppings and soliloquies, delivered daily. With new stories on Sunday. Get Imagined Conversations every day on Twitter (@jayduret) and Instagram (@joefaces).

 New Stories: Fresh off the presses: Jay’s new story, The Technology of Literary Fiction has just been published in The Lowestoft Chronicles; read it hereUp With The Baby appears in the Spring 2014 issue The Milo Review. Read it here. Jay has new stories in Narrative Magazine, Blue Fifth Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Bop Dead City, and Gargoyle.

New Audio: Listen to Jay and Emmy Duret read Iron Kingdom on Storybud, an Irish website devoted to audio stories. Listen to it here. Also listen to Jay and Emmy read The Girl Who Did Not Know Who to Be, originally published Fiction Vortex.

Cartooning: Jay’s political cartoon appears weekly in SFWeekly as The Week in Review. Jay’s illustrations frequently appear in The Huffington Post.  His cartoons have been published or are forthcoming in many journals and magazines including Stinkwaves, The Fredericksburg Review, Red Fez, The Florida Review and the Anderson Valley Advertiser.