Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday Bridalplasty originally appeared in the Gold Man Review In my first book, Nine Digits, I created a hopelessly rigged reality TV contest and used it to torture my characters.  But after the book was published,  I was humbled to stumble upon a reality television program … Continue reading

Fire and Ice

Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday. “I don’t get Fire and Ice,” he said. We were riding in my car on the way to school.  My son, Ajax, was starting sixth grade and did not have a lot of time to … Continue reading

At the DMV

Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday. See the full collection.  The large man across the counter took my form without looking at me. He was sitting in a small chair with rollers and he had it scooched to the side for … Continue reading

In Bed

Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday.  Sweetie. Sweetie. Turn over. You are snoring. Huh? You are snoring again. Turn over. You woke me up. You were snoring. Just turn over and go back to sleep. Why’d you have to wake me … Continue reading

Captain Jimmy’s Wake

Imagined conversations, daily. Stories on Sunday.   The longest trip a son can take is the one he makes to bring his father’s body home. The call came at 4 in the morning the day before St Patrick’s Day. I knew what … Continue reading


We were driving in my car. She said, “What’s the name of this restaurant?” It was the kind of question she always asked. “Pitch….” I said, and then added, “Just to give you a head’s up, its unusual. The idea is that … Continue reading