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Many of the stories and illustrations on this site were first published in online and print journals:

The story Monopoly previous appeared under the title Bankrupt in Nantucket in the ABI Journal and on Points in Case under the title Little League Monopoly

Commuting With Gerta appeared in Short Humour.

The story The Defender is Guilded previously appeared in The Philadelphia Lawyer.

Path appeared in Stone Path Review.

The essay Shutterflies originally appeared in Issue 2 of CRANK.

The story In Bogota originally appeared in Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine and is included in the anthology Whereabouts: Stepping Out of Place.

Ordinary Life originally appeared in The Citron Review.

The story Goromi previously appeared in Cigale Literary Magazine under the title Kissing Goromi.

Sleep Apnea originally appeared in Folliate Oaks.

The story The Girl Who Did Not Know What To Be originally appeared in Fiction Vortex.

An audio version of Bed Time Story, read by Jay Duret and Emmy Duret, appeared on Storybud.

Neck Business appeared in Work Literary Magazine.

The Green Briar Review originally published Skipping Stones.

Friday Commute originally appeared in Boston Literary Magazine.

The poem Should Never first appeared in New Verse News.

The audio story, Iron Kingdom, performed by Jay Duret and Emmy Duret, originally appeared on Storybud.

Honeydipping appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly.

Bridalplasty appeared in the Gold Man Review.

Stinkwaves Magazine originally published Second Chances.

Painting the Shed appeared in the The Woven Tale Press.

Sushi appeared in Gargoyle Magazine

The illustrations “Play” “Footprints” “Good” “Headwinds” and “Dark Places” appeared in Stinkwaves Magazine

The Technology of Literary Fiction first appeared in The Lowestoft Chronicle

The illustration “Sync” appeared on the cover of issue 84 of Red Fez.

The cartoon “Poet” appeared in the Fredericksburg Literary Review.

The story Riding Sidecar originally appeared in December Magazine

Many of Jay’s political cartoons appear in a blog authored by David Paul on The Huffington Post

The story Angel was originally published in issue #15 of Cleaver Magazine

Jay’s political cartoons appear weekly in SFWeekly.

The cartoon Comfort is forthcoming in The Florida Review.


The Committee Room selected Jay’s story “Ordinary Life,” previously published by The Citron Review, as its June 2013 Story of the Month. The accompanying interview contains some of Jay’s ideas on writing and literature.

In April 2014, the blog, A Short Read a Day, featured Jay’s story “Up With the Baby” originally published in The Milo Review.

2104Burning Man Award of Excellence

2104 Burning Man Award of Excellence

The Necklace Factory awarded Jay  a 2014 Burning Man Award of Excellence for his Burning Words project. The postcards he created and distributed at Burning Man 2014 are collected here.

Still Burning 1 September 1, 2015


The Burning Words Project – 2015: If you received a drawing from Jay at Burning Man this year and would like to participate in the Burning Words Project, please use the back of the card to write down a memorable incident or encounter from your experience on the playa. Then take a photo of the front and back of the card and email the photos to Information about the Burning Words Project – 2014 can be found here.