Squat and Gobble

There is a San Francisco restaurant chain called “Squat and Gobble”. I try to figure out how the owners thought that would be a good name for a place to eat.

The website advertises the Squat and Gobble as a “café and crepery”. When I read it at first I read it as “creepery” and that seems just about right. But no. It’s a place that sells crepes. I know this for sure because the “About Us” button on the website has a little narrative history under a lead that begins “A Bit About the Squat…”

I have a mental picture of a blocky person of indeterminate sex with prodigious thighs and black kneepads squatting under the groaning weight of a barbell with massive black plates on either end.

Just where I want to have my morning creep, I mean crepe.

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