Yelping Another Dentist

My schedule before leaving for Italy was full to the brim. It seemed as if everything was melting down and every day brought another crisis. I had a crown made two weeks before and I was intent to have it installed before I left. I had once had a temporary crown come loose and fall down a drain on vacation and I didn’t want to go through that again.

My schedule was so full that the only time I had was the morning before my flight. Dr. Yaffe fit me in. I was due there at 8:25 a.m. and I got there with two minutes to spare only to find the building which housed Yaffe’s office had a lobby full of people milling around. I asked what was going on and was told the building was out of power.

I said, “So the elevators don’t work?”

“Yes and there is no power in any of the medical offices.”

I used my iPhone I called up to Dr. Yaffe’s office and got the dentist himself. The power may have been out, but he was there. He said he was sorry about the inconvenience and he would reschedule me. I told him I was leaving for Italy in two hours. I didn’t have any more time. I was going to walk up to his office.

He said he couldn’t do anything for me because he didn’t have any power.

I said, “You’ll figure something out.”

“Be careful it is very dark in there.”

I started up the stairs. It was pitch black in the little emergency tower. The building apparently was built before codes required handrails or emergency lighting. I groped up several steps before I remembered that my iPhone had an application called Flashlight. It took me awhile to figure out how to turn it on in the dark but once I did I was able to climb up to the seventh floor.

I came into Dr. Yaffe’s office. He said he admired my determination but said there was no way he could put the tooth on and shave it down without power.

He had me sit down in the dentist chair. His assistant discovered that they had emergency power on one of his drills. It might have been enough to proceed. But the light was too bad. He was having trouble seeing into the dark reaches of the cavern that was my mouth.

I remembered my iPhone.

I pulled it out and turned on the flashlight. The hygienist said, “Oh, I’ve got one too.” And she pulled hers out.

Dr. Yaffe installed my crown by the light of two iPhones.

Did a damned good job too.

– Jay Duret