Bed Time Story

Nee 6Girlfriend its time for bed

Tell me a story, Dad.

No. It’s too late.

Come on.

Too Late.

I wont let go til you tell me a story.

I don’t know any stories

Ha. You are one of the most creative people in the family. Make one up.

Too late.

I wont let go.

Oh fine.

Oh good.

One time I had this dream and it was a bad dream.


There were all these kids in an orphanage. I was walking down the street and they all came out and before I knew it they surrounded me. They were all orphans and they had twisted faces and stuff in their hair.

What kind of stuff?

Bones. And old batteries.

And what happened?

I went to the guy who gives out dreams and I said, “I would like to have another one please.”

Another what?

Another dream.

What did he say?

He said “how much you wanna spend?” And I said “what do you mean?” And he said “Come on Buddy you think dreams are free?”

Who was this guy?

Just the guy who gives out dreams. A real piece of work. Anyway I asked him how much a new dream would cost. He said I could have another dream for $100 but it wouldn’t be a good dream.

What would it be?

A bad dream. Just a different bad dream. For $200 I could get a dream that wasn’t a bad dream but it wouldn’t be a good dream. Just a so-so dream.

So what did you do?

I told him I wanted a good dream.

What did he say?

He said I could buy a good dream for $300 but I wouldn’t remember it in the morning. If I wanted a good dream that I would remember it would cost me $600.

Wow. What did you do?

I gave him $600, that’s what I did.

And did you get a new dream?

Yes I did.

Tell me about it.

So I was walking down the street and I came to an orphanage and all the orphans ran out when they saw me coming and surrounded me.

That sounds like the bad dream.

Except everything was different. The orphans were all smiling and happy.

Did they have stuff in their hair?

They did. They had ribbons and bandannas. And they were laughing and singing and they were clapping me on the back and thanking me for what I did. It was wonderful.

What was it that they thought you did?

That’s the same thing I wondered. So I asked the orphans what it was that I had done. And they said that I had saved them. They used to be all sad and had old cars and pretzels in their hair and then I came along and fixed everything.

How did you do that? You said you were just walking down the street. You didn’t do anything.

I know. But you won’t believe it. Turns out that the guy who runs the dream took the $600 I gave him and he used it to fix up things at the orphanage and now it’s all nice and everyone is happy.

What happened then?

The orphans just kept singing and laughing and then I woke up. And, guess what?


I remembered my dream. So I got my money’s worth…Time for bed, little one.

Wait. Was it supposed to mean something?

No it’s just a story. But now it’s bedtime. Good night, Girl.

Wait. Are you sure it doesn’t mean something…

No. Nothing. I am going to bed. Sleep tight.

No wait…

Good night little fish. It’s bedtime.

Wait, wait.

Good night.

Oh. Ok. Good night.

–       Jay Duret

Bed Time Story originally appeared as an audio story on Story Bud, read by Jay Duret and Emmy Duret