Jay. Jay. Where is the charger?


The charger. I need to find your charger. I have a call in the morning.

Urrrgg. What time is it?

I don’t know. My phone is dead and I have a call in the morning.

I was sound asleep.

Sorry. But I have looked all over.

Urrgghhhh. Didn’t you bring one?

No. I knew you would never go on vacation without a charger.

Look in Ajax’s room. I think Max was using it.

I did. I found the white cord but I need that white thingie that goes in the outlet.

Max had it.

I can’t find it.

If you have the cord you can plug it into your laptop.

I can’t.

Why can’t you? You brought your laptop didn’t you?


Plug it into mine.

Okay. Thanks.


Jay. Jay.


Where is your laptop?


Your laptop. It isn’t in the other room.

It isn’t there?

No. I looked.

Oh, yeah. I was watching that movie. Here. Here it is.

Can you do it? Please?

Ughhh… OK. Give me the phone…. There…..You are all fixed up. Can I go back to sleep now?

Did you set the alarm by any chance?

No. Did you want me to set the alarm?

Its just that I have a call in the morning.

What time would you like?


Seven? I’d have been up by seven.

I didn’t want you to have to get up.

Jay. Can you make your device stop pinging?


It’s pinging.

What’s pinging?

Your device.


I don’t know which one. One of your devices. Why do you have to take them all on vacation?

Take what?

Your iPhone, your iPad, your laptop. One of them is pinging. I hate the pinging. I was sleeping so soundly and then it started pinging.

Its just emails. With the time difference, it’s just emails on the East Coast.

But why do you have to have the pinging? Can you just turn off the pinging?

I don’t even hear it. You are always complaining that I turn off the ringer on the phone and now you want me to turn off the notifications.

Just the pinging. Please.


Jay. I just heard one.

No you didn’t. I turned it off.

You didn’t do it.

I did.

You did not. … See. There is another one.

I swear I did.

Not just the iPhone. You have to stop all of your devices.

Maybe it’s your phone.

It isn’t my phone because I don’t have it set to ping every time I get an email.

Can I go back to sleep? My iPad is in the other room. You couldn’t hear it even if you tried.

Oh yeah? What was that?

You turn it off, if you don’t like it. I would like to go back to sleep.

So would I! No one can sleep with the devices pinging.

I can.

There! There is another.

Are you going to keep doing that?

Yes. …There! There’s another.

Okay. Okay. Okay.


Are you just coming back now?


Wow. You were gone a long time.

Yeah. I turned off the notifications but when I did I read one of the emails and then I had to answer it and so then I started getting emails from everyone cause they saw I was online

So what time is it?


How long were you up?

Don’t know. Couple of hours.

Go back to bed now.


But I have to get up. I have a call.

Can you take it in the other room?

Uh, sorry. There is no reception in there.

You have to do it in here?

I will mostly be listening.

You’re kidding.

Sorry.  I won’t be more than an hour.

Great. Just great.

I told you to lose the pinging.

– Jay Duret

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