Dissolution of the Species

“Ok,” she said, “are you ready for a book?”

“Oooh, oooh, read the Dinosaur book. Read the Dinosaur book” They were sitting on Ajax’s bed. He had just had a shower and he had put gel in his 5-year old hair so it stuck up in a lot of different directions. His mother sat next to him with the book in her lap.

“Ok. Here is where we stopped.” She started to read from the Big Book of Knowledge: “The Dilliosaurus was characterized by a long tail and sharp claws…”

 “Mommy? Who made dinosaurs?”

“God made dinosaurs.”

“God made dinosaurs?”

“He did, but that is not the whole story. Long before there were dinosaurs there were lizards on earth and over hundreds of millions of years dinosaurs evolved from lizards…”

“What’s devolved?”

“Evolved. Well, people and animals started out as different things and over a long period of time they changed as they adapted to the world. So first there were monkeys and then there were apes and then people evolved from apes.”

“You mean I was a monkey.”

“Not you. It happened over millions of years. And lizards evolved from fish. And dinosaurs evolved from lizards.”

“Oooh, oooh, I know this! I saw this! I saw this man in Spiderman and he dissolved and he got part scales and then he got a tail and then he got a million teeth and then he dissolved into an alligator! I saw this! I saw this!”

“You see. Look at all the things you learn when you read.”

“Mom, I saw it on TV.”

“But you didn’t know what it was until you read The Big Book of Knowledge. Now you know.”

“Ok. Ok. Now I know where Spiderman got dissolved.”

– Jay Duret